Training week has started…

So after a good night sleep we were up and ready to go. From the second we left our door we are greeted by so many children lots of high fives and smiles.

I’m deciding how to break down my day, when to start running to beat the heat and generally adjusting to running in Malawi.


The streets filled with smiling faces running along side us.

The first10 mile training run was comfortable – greeted with smiles and thumbs up from people cycling past on their bikes.

People selling stacks of potatoes, sugar cane and small shops/cafes creates a fascinating mix of activity and fascinating to look at when running past. This run is certainly going to give me an incredible insight to Malawian life.


The views around the Mulanje area became even more breath taking. Mount Mulanje and tea plantations give such a beautiful back drop.


The first 2 days running has given me such excitement about this run ……one thing for sure is that I need to start about 4.30am to miss the heat.

Running with company and visiting Mikoko centre ….. ¬†What I’ve seen so far has really touched me …….




One thought on “Training week has started…

  • June 20, 2016 at 6:08 am

    Your diary is fascinating and visually it makes me think I’m there. This is the start of a best seller book!


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